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Chronic users of medication who still take their medication in the old-fashioned way: a chaotic stack of packages on the kitchen table or bedside table.


Medicine Management: Efficient, error reduction, quality. 


Software supplied by HD Medi is fully validated software. HD Medi develops software for controlling individual machines as well as the complete production process, and does so in accordance with the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice guidelines.


At HD Medi quality is of paramount importance. All products are protocol-tested in accordance with the stringent GMP and GAMP guidelines both prior to and during installation.  


A pharmacy is focussed around providing care. In addition to cost effectiveness, patient safety and patient satisfaction are important conditions. Pharmacist as health coach monitors the health of the patient based on three factors: prevention, advice and monitoring. Our blister packaging is an excellent interpretation of these conditions and can be well organised in the majority of pharmacies.
We offer a wide choice of machines, ranging in size from 30-500 cassettes with footprints from just 0.5 m2. This means we always have a solution appropriate for your situation as regards space and medicine range. Our software is user-friendly and can be easily operated by a pharmacy assistant.
We have solutions appropriate for a patient base of just 100 patients that are cost-effective compared to manual dispensing or having the packaging done externally. These patients may be in rest homes and nursing homes as well as your ambulatory patients.



More and more hospitals are choosing HD Medi packaging machines combined with our control equipment. With our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment which is suitable for a GMP environment and reliability, we offer solutions that are now being used in hospitals in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain.
Working alongside your IT department we establish an interface with your hospital network. All required data, such as patient name, department, doctor name, medication barcode and drug indication can be printed on our sachets to client-specific requirements in order to guarantee safe medicine distribution from hospital dispensary to the patient.


HD Medi machines are characterised by reliability and value for money. In addition, HD Medi distinguishes itself because we are the only company that can supply GMP-compliant machines. We are also able to continuously monitor your IT remotely and, in the event of failure, we can remotely restore a backup which therefore increases your production reliability. There are blister packaging centres in almost every European country that have opted exclusively for HD Medi. We will be pleased to invite you to inspect our references.


HD Medi offers a variety of machines that have been developed with GMP regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice) in mind. This means that the machines can be used in a GMP-regulated environment and that the documentation provided (Master Plan, URS, FS, DQ, IQ and OQ) can be implemented in the customer’s quality management system. Moreover, the machines are fully tested (with test documentation) at the HD Medi and customer’s premises. The machines are only released to the customer after successful installation.
HD Medi’s total software management system Advanced Production Management Control (APMC) is fully validated according to the GAMP guidelines, thus ensuring safe operation and full track-and-trace in a single database. A signed validation statement is provided for all new releases.